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June 5, 2024

I will be at Borough Hall - 300 Main St. Schwenksville collecting County/Borough Tax Bills this month. The deadline for the Face Period ends June 30. If you are mailing your Tax Bill payment, please make sure it has a legible postmark, dated by the due date or prior. You can also pay your tax bills on-line at my website.
My upcoming hours are:

  • Thur June 27 - 5 to 7 PM - 10 AM to Noon

  • Fri June 28 - 3 to 5 PM

  • Sat June 29 - 10 AM to Noon

Please bring your complete tax bill if you want a paid stamped receipt, otherwise you only need your payment stub. If you do not have your tax bill there is a separate $5 reprint fee. No cash payments please.

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April 9, 2021

SAVINGS CHANGES: Last night Council approved my recommendations to change the Property Tax Certification fee from "$15 per tax year" to "$25 for a 3-year Cert", as Resolution No. 2021-09.


This will REDUCE the cost of a 3 Year Tax Cert from $45 to $25. A Tax Cert is required when a property is being sold or refinanced to see what taxes have been paid or owed and if there are any liens applied to the property. It is typically paid by the Settlement company and then charged to the homeowner as one of the settlement fees. The standard request is for 3 years of tax data. This does not affect the average homeowner. It provides some savings for anyone purchasing a property or refinancing a property in Schwenksville Borough. It also aligns the fee with the local industry standard and surrounding districts. This change will go into affect Jan 2, 2022, since fee changes can only occur at the beginning of the tax year.

September 22, 2020

Tax Collector publishes NEW website with ON-LINE Payments available!

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